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Rick AthertonGMEmail

Titanium Sales both Domestic as well as export

Rick Atherto Senior Sales Representative

Andy Soria SalesEmail

Titanium sales both Domestic and South America

Rick Atherto Senior Sales Representative

Jarred Mendiveles SalesEmail

Titanium Sales and Social Media

Fabian Sales Manager

Fabian Chapple Las Vegas OfficeEmail

Titanium Purchasing and Sales

Fabian Sales Manager

Adriana CastelanosOffice ManagerEmail

Accounting and Office Procedures

Adriana Accounting

KathySales RepresentativeEmail


Kathy Sales Representative

Sean VogelWeb MasterEmail

E-commerce and Web Development

Sean Web Master

Shipping/Receiving DepartmentEmail


Shipping/Receiving Department


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Las Vegas, NV, 89130 US

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