Tiger Titanium
Tiger Metals Group

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Titanium key A2

Titanium Key bottle Opener  

Skull Chain

Titanium Skull Bottle Opener  

Skull Bottle Opener has a clutch Gritty Looking design This Multi tool was designed for the badd ass in your life.
Titanium Money Comb

Titanium Money Comb  

Multi Tool accessible. Comb your hair. Clip Your Money. Crack Open a Cold one.
Double Barrel whitsle

Titanium Double Barrel Whistle  

Titanium Double Barrel Whistle was designed for dangerous situations. With a convenient message to remind you too "Never Give Up". In a dire situation this is will keep you going. Stay Above.
Titanium Single Whistle

Titanium Whistle  

Titanium Whistle was designed for dangerous situations. where one might encounter safety and assistance is required . this is the perfect whistle !
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